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The Boy on Cinnamon Street by Phoebe Stone

The Boy on Cinnamon Street by Phoebe Stone 
Published: February 1, 2012 
Publisher: Arthur A. Levine Books

Synopsis: A story about a wounded girl and the boy who won't give up on her.

7th grader Louise should be the captain of her school's gymnastics team - but she isn't. She's fun and cute and should have lots of friends - but she doesn't. And there's a dreamy boy who has a crush on her - but somehow they never connect. Louise has everything going for her - so what is it that's holding her back?

Phoebe Stone tells the winning story of the spring when 7th grader Louise Terrace wakes up, finds the courage to confront the painful family secret she's hiding from - and finally get the boy.
My sister told me about this book but I really didn’t really know what I was getting into when I started this book. I’m glad she put it on my radar because I loved it. It such a cute, fun and touching story that every person will enjoy.

Louise is a very cute character. She’s short (but hated that she’s short), bitter and sad… you can say she’s a little depressed. I could not blame her; she went through a lot for a seventh grader. She lost her mother and her father doesn’t live with her. She lives with her grandparents who love Louise and are worried about her, her memory loss or her denial. I adored Louise’s grandparents. They are caring and loving--grandparents everyone would love to have.

Louise used to love gymnastic, but the painful family problem she’s trying not to remember is keeping her from doing things that she loved, among other reasons. As much as we like to think that we are a lone now and then, there is at least one person who cares for us, about us. In this book, it’s Henderson, Louise’s best friend. I loved this little guy. He’s so geeky, funny, sweet and just an adorable kid. I also like his sister, Reni, and also Louise other best friend. 

The Boy on Cinnamon Street is a well written book. I was able to figure out the book after reading the first 50 pages and the ending was predictable, but I really enjoyed knowing the how and the what.

A cute, easy, quick read that is good for summer or between dark books. Even though I cried in some part of the books, I admit. Overall, I very much enjoyed it.

Rating: 4/5 (Recommend it)

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