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Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks

Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks
Published: September 14, 2010
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing

Synopsis: Every person's story has a beginning, middle and end, but the path that leads from one stage of life to the next is rarely predictable. Renee's journey begins when she is a carefree college student, studying in Italy with her best friend, Audrey. During that idyllic summer abroad, Renee meets a handsome local, and falls deeply in love. But like all summer romances, the affair comes to an end when she returns to North Carolina. Back home, Renee fulfills everyone's expectations - including her own - by marrying her longtime college boyfriend. Over the next two decades, she raises a family and lives a predictable, if in some ways unfulfilling life. When Audrey announces that she's dying of cancer, Renee drops everything to spend Audrey's last days by her side, unaware that her unconventional best friend still has a few surprises up her sleeve . . . surprises that will turn Renee's world upside down, and offer her a chance to re-live the choices of her past in a way she never dreamed possible.
I have only watched the movies of Nicholas Sparks books before reading Safe Haven, and I loved them, especially The Note Book and A Walk to Remember. It didn’t occur to me to check out one of his books until I saw this at my library. I read the synopsis and I was sold, it caught my attention right away.

Safe Haven is my first Nicholas Sparks book and it’s an amazing book! It’s funny, captivating and suspenseful. Everything you want from a good book, you will find it in Safe Haven. I couldn’t put it down. I love the characters. Katie wanted a fresh new start when she moves to a small town North Carolina. She doesn’t want anyone knowing about her business or trying to socialize with her. She doesn’t want to repeat the same mistake she made in her past; she did her best to push people away from getting to know her. Katie doesn’t want to feel anything because feeling something meant losing herself and letting herself to getting hurting again.

Katie wasn’t expecting the patient, sweet and kind Alex, with two kids, to make her feel all the things she refused to feel. Katie saw her plan of staying unattached with anyone pass before eyes when she start spending time with Alex and his two kids. Katie is torn between the past she’s running away from, and the life she never thought she wants to have. All in all, this book is about Katie starting to let people in her life once again.

Safe haven is heartbreaking yet incredible. Nicolas Sparks is an amazing writer. I really like that the book make me think and allow me to put myself in Katie’s shoe. My heart breaks for Katie. This book shows that everything you planned won’t follow their places. I highly recommend all Nicholas Sparks’s book.

Rating: 5/5 (Recommend it, so buy it, devour it, love it!)

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  1. I need to read more Nicholas Sparks books! The movies are always so good! Awesome review! I'll have to read this one! (:

    Pearl @ AsteriskPearl's Book Blog