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The Breakup Artist by Shannen Crane Camp

The Breakup Artist by Shannen Crane Camp
Published: December 8th 2011
Publisher: Sweetwater Books

Synopsis: Breaking up with someone is a major pain—-unless you can hire someone else to do it for you! And Amelia demands top dollar for her professional break-up services. Everything's business as usual until David, one of the boys she's been hired to dump, throws her for a loop. Now she must decide if David's intentions are genuine, or if there's something sinister behind his flirting.
It’s a really cute book. It’s a fun, easy, cute and quick read you don’t want to miss. I was in the mood for a great YA chick-lit that are easy, fun and just a book that will put a smile on my face—and The Break-Up Artist just did that. From the moment I started reading, I was sure I’d love it.

Amelia has lived most of her life as an outcast and she loved it. She doesn’t have a friend or any social life for that matter (she doesn’t even have relationship with her mother), and she was happy with it. She breaks up people for fifty dollars—I admire this girl. Fifty dollars just to break you up with your boyfriend/girlfriend? That’s business but that’s beside the point. But when she met David and he didn’t like what she does, he threatens to destroy her business. Amelia and David started with love/hate relationship but turn into only love relationship. I really enjoyed seeing Amelia reaction to her relationship with David; she was like a girl on a Christmas day, that’s how excited she was to start a relationship with him. I fell in love with both Amelia and David; they both portray a high school teen. I loved Amelia change of fashion every week/day. And David … aww! he’s so cute, nice and caring. I really liked him—I think I like him more that Amelia. He really cares about Amelia and helped her with her issues.

The Break-Up Artist comprises a lot of topic such as: first love, how your parent’s relationship might affect your understanding of relationship, and how hard it is to break up with someone without breaking their heart. I didn’t know this book would have all of those topics included, and it surprised me. I was able to see Amelia grow throughout the book. She learned about relationships and love. Shannen did an amazing job capturing most of teen’s relationship with their boyfriend/girlfriends. If you are in the mood for a sweet and cute book … this is for you. The Break-Up Artist is the perfect read for everyone. 
Rating: 4/5 (Recommend it)

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